The Collection of Renaissance Military Arts and Exercises of Pietro Monte

The Collection of Renaissance Military Arts and Exercises
by Pietro Monte


I am delighted to share with you Pietro Monte’s definitive work on Renaissance strategy, philosophy and martial arts. The ‘Collectanea’ or ‘Exercitiorum Atque Artis Militaris Collectanea‘, never before available in English translation!

Pietro Monte (1457-1509)  is perhaps the most renowned master of arms of the Renaissance era, a warrior looked up to as an expert in strategy and military arts by such notables as Baldassare Castiglione, author of The Book of the Courtier, and even consulted for advice by Leonardo Da Vinci. In this wide ranging volume, he takes us through the martial arts of Renaissance Europe, from the individual combat techniques of a soldier, to the philosophy, psychology and strategic thinking required of an experienced general.  This is the first  edition available in English, translated by Mike Prendergast and Ingrid Sperber.

By detailing the how-to combat techniques, intertwined with his understanding of human nature and psychology, Monte gives us a unique general’s-eye-view into the mindset of Renaissance Europe. Modern Europe, and the Western world’s philosophy and strategy are steeped in the thinking of this time, and Monte’s work is a high water mark of this martial culture, which still has great relevance today.

This has been a long labour of love and I’m glad to share it here free as a gift to my fellow enthusiasts. Enjoy and please share your thoughts on this translation with me. – Mike Prendergast

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